MagentaMobil Prepaid Ukraine

Here you will find all the information on our MagentaMobil Prepaid Ukraine rate.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is included in the MagentaMobil Prepaid Ukraine rate?

    • Calls and SMS flat rate to all German networks (including fixed network).
    • 300 free minutes for calls from Germany to fixed and mobile networks in the EU and Ukraine. Cost once the 300 free minutes have been used up: Euro 0.22/min.
    • SMS from Germany to Ukraine: Euro 0.07/SMS.
    • 10 GB of data with 5G/ LTE Max for data traffic within Germany. For the additional use of 5G you will need a 5G-enabled smartphone. For more information visit
    • Euro 9.95 for 4 weeks

    This rate is provided to you as part of the relief effort for people from Ukraine who are seeking protection and can be canceled at any time.

  • Where can I buy the MagentaMobil Prepaid Ukraine rate?

    The rate can only be bought in Telekom Shops.
    To find a Telekom Shop near you, click here.

  • Which ID documents do I need?

    As an Ukrainian national you will need either your electronic residence permit (preferred) or your passport. Alternatively, we will need some form of proof from you that you lived in Ukraine in the last 12 months.

  • When do I need to top up my MagentaMobil Prepaid Ukraine rate for the first time?

    Only after that will your prepaid card need to be topped up for the first time.
    Please make sure that there is always enough credit on your card so that you can use the rate.

    You will receive an SMS 3 days before the end of the 4-week period with the instruction to top up your prepaid card. Please note: if you top up after these 3 days, please wait for the SMS with the rate confirmation before making any phone calls, surfing, etc., otherwise the Euro 10 top-up credit will not last for another 4 weeks. You will then have to top up a higher value to be able to use your prepaid card again immediately.

  • How and where can I top up my prepaid card?

    Your prepaid card can be topped up in various ways. You can choose between the following top-up amounts: Euro 15, Euro 30, Euro 50, and Euro 100.

    • Top Up online
      Go to and choose the option “Sofort-Aufladung” [Top up now]
    • Via the MeinMagenta App 
      You can change the language in the app to Ukrainian: Menu item More > Settings > App settings > Language.

    • With top-up codes or cards

    These can be bought at news-stands, petrol stations, lottery stores, post offices, in grocery stores, in drugstores, and in many other places.

    If you purchased a top-up code, the code is clearly and conspicuously printed on your sales receipt.

    If you purchased a top-up card, you must scratch off the cover to reveal the code.

    To top up, enter

    *101*top-up code#Hörer abnehmen

    More information in Ukrainian language can be found at:

  • How can I check my prepaid balance?

    Enter the key code *100#Hörer abnehmen.

    Your current balance will then be sent to you free of charge via SMS.

  • How do I check how much is left of my 300 free minutes for calls to Ukraine?

    Enter the key code *100*5#Hörer abnehmen

    You will then be sent a free SMS message informing you of the remaining free minutes.

  • What happens if the prepaid card is not topped up in time, and can I still be reached in that case?

    If you fail to top up your prepaid card in time you can still be reached.
    Please note that the following charges will apply in that case:

    • Euro 0.09/min. for calls and Euro 0.09/SMS to all German networks
    • Euro 0.22/min. for calls and Euro 0.07/SMS from Germany to Ukraine
    • Euro 1.49 per 50 MB/24 hours of data usage.

    Once the card has been topped up again with sufficient credit, you will be using the rate plan again at the usual terms and conditions.

  • How can I buy additional data volume?

    You will receive an SMS once you have used up your data volume. However, you can quickly buy additional data volume via SpeedOn. You can do this either via the MeinMagenta App or (the site can only be accessed on mobile networks – and Wi-Fi must be deactivated). You can select Ukrainian as the language. In any case, make sure you have enough credit on your prepaid card before booking the additional data volume.

    Choose - depending on your needs - one of the following data passes:

    • DayFlat unlimited:
      Unlimited data volume, valid for 24 hours, Euro 6.95/one-time
    • SpeedOn Prepaid Ukraine 10 GB
      10 GB data volume, valid for 4 weeks, Euro 9.95/ one-time
    • SpeedOn Prepaid Ukraine 25 GB:
      25 GB data volume, valid for 4 weeks, Euro 19,95/ one-time
    • SpeedOn Prepaid Ukraine unlimited:
      Unlimited data volume, valid for 4 weeks, Euro 69.95/one-time